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A Gift

Ever feel like you are just a “project” in God’s hands or just a “pawn” in His plan? If so, this verse astoundingly counters those thoughts with the amazing truth that God indeed thinks otherwise of you and me. He considers us FAMILY.

This is very personal and incredibly relational versus the “sterile” perspective we tend to hold regarding how He sees us.

And what’s more astounding is the truth that He not only sees us as family, loves us as family and relates to each of us as family, but also takes GREAT PLEASURE in us being in His family! He wants us!

Now if that doesn’t “ring your bell” this Christmas, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of space to carefully consider what might be in the way of allowing this truth to warm your heart and capture your attention.

My entire life, ministry and business are passionately centered around creating a safe, tailor-made space for people like you to consider what may be laying deep below the layers of your heart and mind that God desires to and delights in touching, healing and nourishing!

Curious about such a journey?

Connect with me today and experience a taste of this in your own life. You will be powerfully moved…because God Himself asks us repeatedly in Scripture to “consider carefully…”

Luke 12:27

Luke 8:18

Mark 4:24

Give yourself the “Gift of Consideration” this Christmas!

Receive this FREE 60-min gift of consideration by simply emailing me at

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