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What a Biz-Ministry Mastermind Can Do For You & Your Gospel Impact

In joining this group as a year-long member, we will together learn, grow and develop:

--> Powerful aspects of leadership, evangelism, teaching, administration, social media, and godly wisdom.

--> Valuable ways in relating to people, in working effectively and productively, and in strategy and administration.

--> A discernment in allowing God rule our mind, heart, life, listening, and speaking.

--> Skills in how to mentor and encourage people in ministry, in both formal and informal ways, and to express encouragement, affirmation, appreciation and gratitude.

--> Godly strength and courage to carry the burdens of ministry, trusting in His sovereign grace.

--> The confidence to say ‘No’ to requests for help and ministry without feeling guilty, and to trust God when things go wrong.

--> Wisdom to deal with conflict.

--> Trust in God's providential care of His Gospel work around the world, and for His people, and not confuse a good zeal for Gospel progress with an ungodly desire to get our own way.

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