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How to Ensure You're Making Greatest Eternal Impact

A fresh look at God's Design for the Great Commission

We all know very well Jesus' last words to the disciples before he returned to His Father in Heaven...

Go... Make disciples... Baptize them... Teach them...

"Amen! So be it!" we cheer as we head out into our families, jobs, neighborhoods, churches, ministries, etc.

But, hold on a sec, and ask this of yourself... "Does obeying these four mandates from Jesus ensure results of greatest eternal impact?"

If we would but hone in on Jesus' escalating words which wrap up what we now call, The Great Commission, we will find what Jesus says ensures our having greatest eternal impact...

"...I'll be with you as you do this,
day after day after day,
right up to the end of the age.”
Mt 28:20 (MSG)

"Do, do, do, do," is what the four mandates of Christ's Commission instruct us to do.

And you and I get that pretty easy...all the while allowing our DOing all too often replace or obscure the power of the Gospel which ensures our DOing will make the greatest eternal impact.

The following quote, taken from a book I am currently reading through, "The Gospel-Driven Church," by Jared C. Wilson, may help shed more light on Jesus' words of "wrap-up" in Matthew 28:20...

"May we never mistake our busyness and bigness for the breath of God...If the Bible really is God's Word, and God's Word really is powerful, let's treat it as more important than our words and our abilities."

This does not suggest an "either/or" but rather a "both/and."


According to, the prefix, "co-", carries this meaning-

1. together; joint or jointly; mutual or mutually: coproduction.

2. indicating partnership or equality: cofounder; copilot.

3. to the same or a similar degree: coextend.

You could also say "CO-" carries the sense of "alignment."

Jesus' last words to "us" were never intended to come to fruition based solely on our DOing, but on relying on the intimate support of His BEing made known and acknowledged in all we do and say.

So what?

Now down to the "nitty-gritty." Ready?

Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins. James 4:17 (NIV)

The DOing here is referring to the "both/and."

Both BEing and DOing.

How often do we get ourselves all in a tizzy thinking we are called to do, do, DO? While our BEing goes by the way-side, for another day...

What happens?

We get anxious.

We get exhausted.

We get frazzled.

We get awnry.

We get in a hurry.

We get more busy to get more busy...

...and the Great COmmission then becomes a DUTY as opposed to a powerful, joint, ALIGNED relationship, made fresh, sufficient and complete, ensuring our greatest impact!

See it? OUR Greatest Impact...

ALIGNMENT to-->God's Presence-->God's Word-->My All-->His Way=Greatest Impact!


How is the Holy Spirit speaking to you as you consider this?


What difference will this make in your life going forward, today?


How will you share these truths with those within your sphere of influence, trusting God's power for His ripple effect of Gospel freedom on this world enslaved to other destructive alignments?

Live Aligned to God's Design for Greatest Gospel Impact

Amen. So be it.

Want to continue a conversation, as such, to help you further discover and live out your God-given design for greatest gospel impact? Let's start today!

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What a beautiful reminder! Thank you for sharing this and challenging me today!

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