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For Deep, Lasting, Effective Growth & Max Potential 

1:1 Single, Series or Group Packages

$45 - $895

Paper Diary

Coaching Exercises

For Personal Reflection, Clarity, Peace & Next Steps

Downloadable & On Demand

Free - Varied $

Book Coaching

Processing Life-Change & Greater Impact as You Read

Choose From My Library or Yours

$ To Be Determined

Masterpiece Encounter

Discover, Know & Live Out Your God-given Design

Tami's Fun Video-Series with coaching!

Varied $

Overcome with Strength

Identify current challenges & overcome with strengths

Assessment &/or Coaching Session

Varied $

15-min Discovery Call

Find out how coaching would be a valuable investment for you!

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Discovery Call
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Cammie Barton

Passionate Christ-follower, wife and mother

Tami Thorsen has helped me so much! When I met Tami and was introduced to coaching, I was overwhelmed with life. I couldn’t even see clearly I just felt weighed down and hopeless.


Tami helped me process where I was. Through coaching, she helped me think through what my next step would look like. Before I knew it I had taken 20 steps!


I have a poster of all the things that seemed overwhelming and impossible to me at the beginning and as I look back on that poster all the things I was praying to step out of or step into have come to pass.


Not only did the coaching help me when I couldn’t see clearly for myself, but it taught me how to break down big issues and focus on the very next step.

Thanks Tami!

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 3.03.22 PM.png

Jen Carter

I would definitely recommend Tami and intentional life-coaching! With Tami’s coaching I was able to move onward from my season of letting fear, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed as a stay-at-home mom. She helped me to see from God’s perspective how He designed me!


I’ve been able to focus in on my personal goals and self-care and for me that included more time to journal and take time to be with God everyday. Keeping my vision in front of me and reminding myself of the truth about me has helped me tremendously in the season we are in now (2020).


While there may be chaos going on outside my home, my home (and myself) have so much peace and joy and expectancy of what is to come. The BEST is YET to come!


God has good things for your life! Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans for a HOPE and a future! What’s stopping you from going after it?
Thank you Tami for your encouragement and mentorship/friendship! ❤️


Emily Knudsen

Wife, mother of 4, Discipleship leader

Life-coaching with Tami was so impactful for me. It truly changed my life.


She is a wonderful listener and there wasn't one time I left a session not feeling like it was so helpful!


She would help me set goals and reach them, she allowed me to be heard and then pointed in the right direction.


Her input and desire to help me live aligned to my design radiated through in each of our sessions together.


I highly recommend coaching with Tami for anyone, in any season of life.

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