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Book Coaching

 Ever finished reading a book & hoped what you read would make a lasting impact in your life

& in the lives around you? 


 Invest in a Book Coaching Journey with me and...

  •  have a built-in accountability to start & finish your book 

  •  determine the focus & desired results of your journey  

  •  deeply process the points that are important to you 

  •  tailor-make real-time applications for life-transformation 

  •  evaluate your progressexperience Life-Change 

Each Book Coaching Journey includes a 48-page Journal Workbook!​

Browse my library...

I invite you to...
The following books I have personally read and recommend for a journey to life-change & greater impact
Hover & Click on the book for summary 
Book-Coaching Workbook
Book-Coaching Workbook.png

When you invest in a Book Coaching Journey, you receive your own personal 48-page Workbook Journal for you to record your insights, highlights and applications as you read!

The workbook includes:

  • Understanding Your Journey Reflection page

  • Reflection Questions to ponder as you read

  • Book Coaching Recaps pages to record highlights from each portion of the book you read

  • Focus Reports to help you prep for each 60-min Book Coaching Session

  • Book Coaching Session Notes pages to jot down ideas, thoughts and action steps from the session

  • Celebration page to record the steps of progress and transformation from the journey!

Did you know...

... a portion of every coaching investment you make financially is given to bring the Gospel to & care for the orphans, widows and communities in India, women in Liberia? THANK YOU! Learn more HERE.

Book Coaching Packages

Ready to begin such a journey?

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Decide on & order the hard copy or Kindle version of the book, or books, you want to journey through in a given set of months. 

  2. Pick the Book Coaching Journey length from the options below depending on the pace in which you desire to read and process your book(s).

  3. Click the button to book your FREE Set-Up Session!

Upon choosing the date/time for your FREE Set-Up Session,

you will be prompted to pay in full or begin monthly payments

for the book coaching plan you have chosen.

Once payment in received, your accompanying

48-page workbook will be mailed to you.

Choose Your Journey!

NOTE: Each Plan below includes ONE FREE 60-minute Set-Up Session before the actual Book Coaching plan begins. 

This Set-Up Session will make sure all your questions are answered, Personal Coaching Agreement is signed, the book(s) you plan to be coached through has been chosen/ordered, your workbook is on its way to you & your first session of the plan is entirely ready to begin well for the most valuable personal coaching journey!

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 5.42.21 PM.png
Have a listen to this podcast episode where Ryan Haley, author of "A Better Way" has me as his guest...and you will better understand why I recommend his book! 
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