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Begin a Coaching Journey

Together, we will...

Let the journey begin!

Your life has a purpose.
Your story is important.
Gifted to make a difference and influence lives... 
Created to make an impact
YOU are designed with a purpose

by Living Aligned to Your Design


Joy Canupp

Owner of “Leading With Joy”

There is not another person in my life that could have guided me through that life transition in the way that this coaching relationship did.

Absolutely worth the time and financial investment!


The value of my experience being coached by Tami cannot be given an adequate price tag or slot on the calendar! Each session was incredibly productive in moving me forward in several big areas of life.


We can all benefit from good coaching and I would highly recommend Tami to be that coach!

Image by Luke Porter

Theresa Bowman

Disciple of Christ, wife, mother, friend

Being coached by Tami helped me by encouraging me to see the blind spots in my life.


One thing I liked best about Tami coaching me was I know that Tami is doing her absolute best to allow the Holy Spirit to lead her and that is ultimately what I desire in working with a life coach.


I would recommend Tami for Life-coaching to people who need an outside source of personal direction towards Christ. I sought to see areas of my life that I wasn't aligned in that I wasn't living out the promises of God as I thought I was.

meghan cavin_edited.jpg

Meghan Cavin

Pastor’s wife, mother of 4, photographer

I felt very overwhelmed with big responsibilities and wanted to do the deep work of seeing why I even felt overwhelmed in the first place.


As Tami coached me, I discovered patterns that spanned across my entire life which helped me return to truth based on who God has made me to be and living aligned to that.


Being coached by Tami helped me recognize the limiting beliefs I had in how God designed me as I am. Tami helped draw out God's purposes for my life and I am exactly who He intended me to be without mistake.​


Be it spoken on-site at a conference, training, special event or virtual via a webinar, interview, FaceBook Live; 


Or... be it written for a social media post, article, blog or book... 


...I am passionate when it comes to communicating God's Truth in ways that are personally engaging, practical, deep and Gospel-centered so those who hear are inspired to further know and live aligned to their God-given design for personal joy and greatest impact!

Interested in reading/hearing a snippet or two from my archives as you consider how your next group event, retreat or conference would benefit from being encouraged and challenged by God's Word in this way? 

Check out my blog posts, a short snippet of me speaking truth regarding life-transitions or a recorded Webinar below...

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