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Module I

5, Online, On-demand, at-your-own-pace coaching training for ongoing coaching skills growth, practice and development:

  • Narrative Coaching,

  • The Wheel Tool,

  • Limiting Beliefs,

  • Curiosity mindsets and skills,

  • Exploratory Coaching skills/mindsets

*Pre-requisite: Have previously attended a COACH Model Workshop 

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 5.45.35 PM.png

These 5 trainings (with more to come!) allow you to:

  • Download each lessons' notes and accompanying resources, watch me teach the coaching skill/mindset,

  • Watch and replay the video of me training you in the skill/mindset

  • Take the "Test" to assess your knowledge and solidify your learning, then

  • Book a 60-minute implementation session with me to actually practice the new skill &/or mindset you just learned and receive real-time feed-back!

All 5 Trainings for the investment of $425!

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