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Our Design Amidst Upheaval

Amidst the upheaval Covid has brought upon the entire world, I truly see it as God's gracious hand shaking all of us awake, if we would but heed his loving and Life-giving invitation. 

The way we did, is now not what we do. The way we were, is now not how we are. 

I’ve come to rest in this “upheaval” by relinquishing my natural bent to fight for “getting things back to the way they were.” Instead, like God said to Abraham, I am determined to also “lift up my eyes and look from the place where I am“ and see from His perspective that life, though affected by irrevocable change, is still under the Sovereign Hand and Eye of our Creator God!  So, as much as I long for things to be “back to normal,” I am resolute to trust my Good God and Shepherd as He reveals His gracious and redeeming work through what I so often see as chaos and hopelessness.  Though He is UNchanging, He is at work amidst all the change, so that His will is done and His Kingdom come:  First, by His indwelling Holy Spirit in us here and now; and  Second, by His promised restoration of life to become, once again, as He originally-designed life to be...forever.  Join me in the following Reflective Coaching-Journey: 1. What is behind your thoughts and wishes of wanting things “back to normal?” What, in particular, may be driving those thoughts? 2. What benefits could come to you if you were to “look up from the place where you are” and see from God’s perspective? 3. What thoughts, attitudes, values, habits, actions, would possibly need changing in order to see from God’s perspective? 4. What “next step” is surfacing now that could move your heart and mind from being stuck in your present “chaos” so you could move forward in His UNchanging, sufficient Grace? Scriptures for this coaching-journey: Genesis 13:14-18 Hebrews 6:17-20 Tami ThorsenICF ACC certified life-coach  Helping you live aligned to your God-given design

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