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6-month Group-Coaching for 2-15 persons

Coaching for personal-discovery, decision, & action within a group

Service Description

12 total 60-minute sessions over a period of 6 months, usually scheduled every 2 weeks. What is Group-Coaching? Group coaching is an intimate, confidential conversation-space with 2-15 persons in which the coach facilitates the conversation to help the group focus on their common theme/goal on which they want to work through for deeper personal awareness, tailor-made action, and desired accountability. What are the benefits of Group-Coaching? Group coaching participants benefit from this peer-learning with others, and is often as important as the interaction with the coach. Many participants find the process "less on the spot", giving them more time to reflect and integrate their insights. What is the biggest difference between group-coaching and 1:1 coaching, besides it being a "group"? The group coaching conversation can feel "wide and broad" rather than the deep, deep dive of an individual coaching conversation. However, as the participants get a feel for the coaching process, 1:1 coaching may be a next step for them to consider. How does group-coaching work? Look at it this way, imagine each individual in your coaching group has with them a well of questions, knowledge, fears, concerns, desires, strengths and certain capabilities. Normally, during the first meeting, each individual brings their private wells, but, they’re initially watertight and walled off. The main objective in group coaching is to bring down the individual walls of these wells in order to create a pool whereby members of the group can have access to the combined insight, knowledge, passion and wisdom in the room. It does all this while maintaining the respect of the privacy of these wells. It only requires what each person in the group is willing to give and how much of it they want to share. What financial investment is involved for group-coaching? The investment for the 6-month group-coaching package is a one-time $275 per participant.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours prior to already scheduled session or a $20 late fee will incur. Thank you for your understanding. -Tami

Contact Details

Rock Hill, SC, USA

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