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*Intro Coaching-Journey Pkg $235

2 months of coaching to personally experience the transforming benefits of a coaching-journey

Service Description

*Note: This Introductory package is a special offer for 1st time coaching clients only. For an investment of $235...You receive: 2 months of coaching sessions to give you the life-changing experience of how personally valuable, supportive and forward-moving a coaching journey will be for you! --->TOGETHER, after just two sessions, WE will have… Explored possible focus areas that are important for you to work on over the next few months. (ie. Problems to solve, challenges to overcome, personal, ministry, or anything else) --->After just 3 sessions, YOU will have… -->A clearer perspective and understand the bigger picture of your life so you can more confidently prioritize what you need to start focusing on to achieve your desired results; -->Uncovered issues that may be keeping you from living aligned to your God-given design; -->Considered how you want your life to be in 3-6 months’ time across different key life-areas; -->Created meaningful goals to move forwards with that are personally exciting and fill you with hope; -->A deeper understanding what is driving you to take these next steps, so you will have the energy and motivation to put into moving forward to your desired result (transformation); and, -->Experienced the personal value of coaching and whether continuing forward in a coaching-journey with me is right for you! ~~~~~~~~~ A key part of the coaching process is to help you know, understand and choose your next steps that flow from the God-given desires and results you (and God) want over the next few months. Once you deeply/personally understand WHAT and WHY you want something (and really CONNECT with that reason) and God affirms this by His Word and how He has designed you, you have more energy, courage and perseverance to put into cooperating with Him to that desired result. Then, the vital next step in the coaching-journey is for the coach to help you move intentionally forward so you may experience the clarity, confidence, freedom, and joy of making a difference living aligned to your God-given design! Amen! ~~~~~~~~~ Benefits included in this package: 3, 60-min sessions giving clarity/confidence for next steps Ongoing email/text access to ask your questions at any time A Free Personality Assessment to take before our first session to further discovery/reflection; and, An accompanying template to record your discoveries and insights *Note: This Introductory Coaching-Journey is limited to one time use only

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours prior to already scheduled session or a $20 late fee will incur. Thank you for your understanding. -Tami

Contact Details

Rock Hill, SC, USA

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