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Masterpiece Encounter GROUP JOURNEY

The Masterpiece Encounter: 10 Video Lessons & 10 Group-Coaching Sessions

Service Description

"THE MASTERPIECE ENCOUNTER" Further Discover How to Live From Your Personal, God-Given Design At Such A Time As THIS! The Masterpiece Encounter is an online, on-demand course at the pace your group desires! This exciting, step-by-step journey, at YOUR pace, will help you further discover, internalize & live out the significance, value and purpose of: WHO you are and WHO your Designer is, HOW you are personally designed by your Creator, WHAT your design means regarding your personal fulfillment and WHAT valuable contribution you are wired to give to those around you! The Masterpiece Encounter includes a 50-page workbook that accompanies online, on-demand video lessons, AND ten, 60-minute GROUP-coaching sessions with me to help you work through the deep heart-work involved in each of the nine exercises! As you and your group go through each video/exercise on your own, you will then come together with me (virtually by ZOOM) & receive personalized Group-coaching through each step. Our Group-coaching will deepen your learning about God, yourself, & others and help you gain the clarity needed living out decisions & next steps confidently aligned to your God-given design for greatest joy & impact! The Masterpiece Encounter, an online, on-demand coaching-journey course includes: • 10 videos with 9 step-by-step exercises • Written transcripts of all videos so in case internet is not working or reading is preferred over watching the videos. • 50-page downloadable pdf accompanying workbook AND each one in your group will also receive a hard-copy of this workbook FREE (a $35 value!) • 10, 60-min Group-coaching sessions • 25-page downloadable Coaching-Session Notebook AND each one in your group will also receive a hard-copy of this notebook FREE (a $14 value!) • Further valuable resources & ongoing support! How to Get Started: 1. Within your group...Decide the day/time we will meet for the 60-minute Group-Coaching sessions 2. Have each of your group RSVP so your group can be formally established. 3. Once all the RSVPs are in, I will send each of you a payment link (VENMO) so you can submit your individual payment. 4. When all payments from your group have been received, you will each receive your hard-copies of the workbook & notebook as well as the link to the 10 videos/transcripts! 5. Then...your group will be all set for the adventure! I look forward to connecting with each of you & praying over you as we begin this ENCOUNTER together!

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please do so 24 hours prior to already scheduled session or a $20 late fee will incur. Thank you for your understanding. -Tami

Contact Details

Rock Hill, SC, USA

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