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Finding Self-Care in Motherhood

When I first came to Tami and approached her about life-coaching, I was an overwhelmed, stay-at-home-mom in "survival mode." I felt like I was "doing a lot, but failing everybody, especially my family." I desperately wanted Tami to "fix me." Guess what? She can't do that, but what she can do is listen to you, encourage you and point you back to the One who can truly fix you. In the busyness of motherhood I had forgotten who I was. In trying to serve everyone around me, I wasn't serving myself. So, I did something that I normally don't do and I asked for Tami's help. Through her life-coaching sessions, I became able to focus on myself and my Creator. I became able to see beyond my own perspective of past and present circumstances. I began to set goals for myself and to dream for myself again. Tami's sessions have brought me so much healing in several areas of my life because she works with you, alongside the Holy Spirit. She gets you to focus on the "root" of what's really going on with you, not just symptoms. She is a trusted mentor and friend, because of this life-coaching relationship that we have. I would highly recommend her life-coaching program to anyone, at any stage of life--even if you feel "unqualified" to jump in. The truth, is that you are already qualified and equipped to do so and you will discover more about yourself and God's unique design for your life. Even things that God may have brought to your attention in the past, but forgot about. You owe yourself this. You owe yourself a God-encounter. You owe yourself some self-care. Let Tami help you do that! Cheers friends! I'm rooting for you!

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Cammie Barton
Cammie Barton
Dec 20, 2019

Jennifer thanks for posting this. It’s so true. I was convinced coaching wasn’t for me and even scoffed at it. I’m so glad I I finally got fed up spinning my own wheels and have Tami a chance. I went from running on survival mode, just trying to get through each day to actually having real goals and direction for MYSELF.

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