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How to See our Limits as Blessings

As I learn more and more how God works, I am learning how to do my work. This is my prayer and passion for YOU as well.

📖 Colossians 1:9-14 (MSG)
“…Asking God to give you WISE MINDS and SPIRITS ATTUNED to his will, and so acquire a thorough understanding of the ways in which God works.”

Christ invested in a few and in doing so, went DEEP and WIDE with these individuals.

His laser-focus was intentional as He set out to richly grow, equip and prepare these few for even GREATER, multiplied Gospel IMPACT.

And His life GLORIFIED GOD as He honored His God-given limits thoughout His short, 33-years on earth.

Though Christ was available and servant-hearted toward EVERYONE He was around, He reserved and targeted most His earthly time and energies to a SELECT FEW.

A select few individuals.
A select few endeavors.

Far too many of us have fallen into the trap of believing MORE is BETTER, so we passionately set out to do ALL we can with EVERYONE we can.

Only to find us in the frustrating, exhausting, and futile lifestyle of “spinning plates.”

Oh sure, we are involved and helpful and available and active and willing; but what we don’t realize is that this over-abundant plate-spinning is actually creating more harm than good. Even to the point of doing violence to our very souls...

We become overwhelmed.

We lose sleep.

Our thoughts are sporadic, chaotic.

Our memory gets jammed.

We feel panicked and hurried.

We morph into “DOing machines.”

Our relationships grow more diluted rather than deep.

Our being fully present with another becomes more absent.

And we lose our joy.

We lose the Sacred Space in which God desires us to live and move and have our being…

But what is most scary is…

We lose sight of the preciousness of people, made in the image of the Almighty God, as we lower them to being a “box to check off our list,” versus one who holds great dignity, value, purpose in the eyes of their Creator.

Let us each prayerfully consider WHAT ALL we are doing and how it may be doing violence to our soul and to the souls God has placed around us.

Let us each prayerfully inspect ourselves to FALSE beliefs of thinking "MORE is better" and consider the TRUTH that "MORE" is God’s role, not ours.

Our role is to live aligned to our God-given design which is never about OVER-extending ourselves while pleading with God to work His wonders as we spend and expend in our endless spinning.

No, our God-given design is to BE His masterpiece, living within the unique space, our God-given wiring and limits...

... So HE can BE the MULTIPLIER of the “2 loaves and 5 fish” we contently offer our Master who delights in seeing us live with the joy, freedom, space HE gives us so HE can multiply our impact for eternity!

Have a look at an image that describes Jesus' example of "less is more," and see what thoughts you have. I came across this in Peter Scazzero's Course, "Spiritually Healthy Discipleship."

Consider with me:

  • What plates are you currently spinning?

  • How much joy, freedom and space are you currently experiencing?

  • What most important next step might Your Creator God and Savior be inviting you to take today?

  • What support or accountability might you need to move forward?

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Wow! I've got a lot to pray about! Thanks a bunch Tami! Love ya bunches! 🙂♥️

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