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How to Fight the Right Battle

We were DESIGNED to live from our hearts...

And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for Him who died for them and was raised again. 2 Corinthians 5:15 (NIV)

The major, big-deal war in life is not a war with all the difficult things OUTSIDE us, as we might think.

Honestly, we don’t have to think too hard to begin listing these “outside” things:

Other people’s actions toward us/others

Our situation

Our health

Our finances

Our relationships

Our employment

Our boss

Our kids

Our environment


Sure, this list is real and reminds us just how difficult our “outside life” can be.

However, the continual raging war of our “inside life” is where our tactical fight must take precedence.

A war for control of our heart.

This is the war of wars because we were DESIGNED by God to live out of our hearts.

This means...

...what rules our hearts...

...shapes our thoughts, our words, our actions and our reactions.

When you and I place the blame on







for the reason behind the way we think, talk and act and react, we are making a grave mistake if we intend to win the battle.

Think for a moment just how ridiculous it would be for an armed man in combat to use his sight-scope to “zero in” on the trees instead of the enemy under the trees. His shot may very well scatter the troops, but will not eliminate the problem.

The real problem is allowing the “trees” in our lives to cleverly deceive us into thinking they are the reason for our discontent, overwhelm, confusion, anger, impatience, self-doubt, worry, etc.

On the contrary, God’s Truth uncovers such deception by explaining the reality of our problem lies within us... that what we allow to reside “inside” our own hearts is the real enemy that needs eliminating.

This is the very reason I am so passionate in serving others via the life-coaching ministry God has given me.

By God’s Grace and empowerment, I am passionate to help women get to the heart and root of a matter, peeling back layer after layer, together, to explore/discover possible distorted truths, motives, expectations and perspectives.

Then, throughout what we find being uncovered, we prayerfully consider how God and His Word speaks into what we’ve discovered. As we do, God tenderly reveals areas of the heart He wants to heal as we cooperate with the action/response He surfaces so the “root-system” becomes healthy and, by His amazing grace, what comes from the root becomes wholesome... For greatest Gospel impact in you and for others!

All of us need to be fighting the “real enemy” and this enemy is not as easy to spot as those things on the outside we consider to be so threatening. We get “duped” all to easy to “shoot” at “the trees” and not see the real enemy which lies beneath.

Face it, we all have blind spots. Isn’t it so wonderful that God has given us one another to help uncover those areas so He can heal, restore and empower for His glory and our very good?!

I invite you to read more about the coaching-journeys I offer, and prayerfully consider investing in such an intentional, Grace-transforming conversation!

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