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Struggling to Handle Trouble

Wait, what?!?

When God calls you to follow him, he does not call you to a life of ease.

Wait, what?!?

I, like you, honestly struggle to handle that truth well.

I don’t like disappointments.

I surely don’t like pain...of any sort.

I wince, as if given a gut-wrenching blow, when I am betrayed, deceived, and misunderstood.

I deeply grieve long and hard over loss, due to the sting of death, forces of nature, and disease.

I long for perfect, don’t you?

We all do. We all wish each other, “Have a good day!” We all want a day that goes without bumps or bruises.

God created us in His perfect image. We are designed for perfection: To be perfect and to live in a perfect world.

But right now, SIN is in our present reality.
But not forever.

Because of sin, our rebellion against our perfect God and Creator, we are under a curse of brokenness, hardship, fear, calamity and distress.

But not forever.

Because of Jesus Christ, his perfect life lived here on earth, his willing sacrificial death in our place, and his powerful resurrection, we are given His guarantee of His Hope: that one day ALL will be made perfect again.

But not yet. Not entirely yet.

Life on earth involves many battles, in all of which God promises you victory through Jesus Christ. There is never going to be a moment in your earthly life when everything is perfect. There are always going to be challenges, difficulties and problems to solve.

However, God designed us to be dependent...on Him. We are not designed to “run our own lives as we please.” (Because, if you haven’t noticed by now...we don’t do a very good and perfect job at it, do we? I surely don’t!)

He does, though. All. The. Time.

And he perfectly promises us victory.

He promises us that the “End Game” will be in our favor, forever!

His Son’s cruel crucifixion on our behalf purchased for us the victory over sin and it’s punishment of death! He fought and won over sin and all its trouble, so we could ALSO WIN!

Wonderful, right?

“Yes,” and a struggling “no”....

“Yes,” I’m glad I’m on the winning side, that speaks encouragement to my heart for sure...but “No”...what encouragement does this speak regarding all the years I’m made to walk this present “troubled-filled” world right now? Today?

I invite you to take a closer look. A deeper look...

A Coaching Reflection:

  1. For you, what “could” this Truth do for your heart, mind and soul as you trudge through trouble after trouble now? (List the “coulds” that come to mind)

  2. Looking at your list above, what mindshift would have to happen for even one of these “coulds” to personally benefit you today?

  3. What may happen if you don’t change your mindset as you reflected in #2 above? What would you lose?

  4. How much do you desire the Truth of Jesus Christ’s victory on your behalf to touch your troubles in a victorious way today?

  5. In answer to #4, what is surfacing as far as a “next step” for you to take today? Specifically describe this step. Then, ask God for His help to move forward in taking this step.

  6. What further support do you need so you will indeed follow through and keep moving forward in this Truth?

Helping you live aligned to your design,

Tami Thorsen

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