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The Brave Space

A Sacred Space Crafted Just For Women in Full Time Ministry

Your very own ongoing retreat, allowing you to unload your heart 

replenish your spirit, so you can further live aligned to your

unique, God-given design with greater freedom, joy and impact


Hello, I'm Tami...

As fellow companions on the journey of ministry, I understand the weight that comes with serving in the Kingdom. The path we walk can often be lonely, filled with unique stresses, pressures, and pains that only those in similar roles can truly comprehend. It's in these moments of vulnerability and challenge that we need a safe place to bare our hearts, to process, and to heal.


Your very own personal, ongoing virtual retreat!
Whether you desire a stand-alone, 60-minute retreat
or an ongoing 60-minute retreat over the next
3, 6, 9, 12 months, is up to you! 

During our online community coaching call together,
you will receive the safe space to...

Dear Woman of God,

Prayerfully consider investing in this Brave Space, where vulnerability meets healing, your God-given design is further liberated and your unique purpose is renewed. As I journey alongside you as a professional Christian Life-Coach, I offer an intentional space crafted just for you so you can regain clarity, under the guidance of The Holy Spirit and His Truth. Find solace and understanding as you journey through the highs and lows of ministry life in the company of other passionate women of God, like you.

Brave Space Discover Call
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