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Blog Posts

Living aligned to our God-given design...


Become a Head2Heart Member!


Becoming a Head2Heart Site Member allows you to join a safe community of women as we writeshare and/or comment inspirational blog/vlog posts with other Head2Heart Members who will, in turn, comment and encourage us all to live aligned to our God-given design for greatest lasting impact!

As a member, just email me your blog/vlog post when you are ready for me to review it. After review and feedback, I will then grant you temporary "writing privileges," giving your exclusive access to post your blog/vlog on the Head2Heart Onward website! Email me at

We desire to hear from your heart.

We desire to "listen" to your Head2Heart reflection from God's Word and how God is guiding you to live aligned to your God-given design. 

We desire to encourage one another to live aligned to our design.

And God desires that we live aligned to His design of authentic community!

So let's begin...together!

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